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About Police Watches

Modern, urban styling of the POLICE brand creates contemporary and stylish watches. Durch ihr auffälliges Design sorgen die Uhren von Police auf dem Markt für Modeuhren für Aufsehen.
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Uhren von Police

What do David Beckham, George Clooney, and Antonio Banderas have in common' They are men of style and substance, charismatic individuals who exude confident masculinity. Clothes and accessories do not make these men, rather, they choose styles that fit and accentuate their personalities. They wear Police watches.

Police launched a new campaign with a competition titled, "Are Younique'" The company wanted to bring the Police brand to men and women working in everyday occupations as well as those who occupy a spotlight. Andrea Garbolino fit the bill and Police officially pronounced him the winner of the competition in September 2009. The young man is from Settimo Torinese and is the face of the company's 2010 international photo campaign. His innate sense of style, bold good looks, and male confidence are elements that promise to make the campaign extremely successful.

Isha Koppikar, model, animal rights activist, and actor is the official spokes person for Police watches and jewelry. The vibrant beauty is best known for her performances in Bollywood films and it is her sense of purpose and her passion that makes her the ideal icon for Police watches.

Police watches made a timely entrance on the fashion scene in 2003. Superior materials, artisanship, and style vaulted this line of watches to the head of the fashion line. These are not cookie-cutter, flavor-of-the-month timepieces; they are fashion forward designs for individuals secure in their sense of style, confident of their place in the world. The Police brand products function beautifully and efficiently. If an individual turns up late to an event, it is by his or her own design and never a fault of their timepiece or a bow to social fashion.

Urban warriors can easily find a Police watch to suit daytime or evening needs. For many, the watch will be one in the same for these people do not change character to fit their surroundings. The Police brand integrates smoothly and seamlessly into bold, vibrant personalities. These hard working, fast-paced individuals are not defined by their accessories; rather their accoutrements reflect their inner dedication to living life with quality, style, and honor.

Highlights von Police:

  • From POLICE: The amazing clothing and sunglasses brand
  • Reliable Japanese movements
  • All stainless steel cases

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