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About Karen Millen Watches

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Since 1981, Karen Millen have been producing some of the most exciting fashion and apparel in the world. When it first launched, they had only £100 to work with. Incredibly, what began as a small enterprise has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, there are Karen Millen stores in 29 different countries and they have moved beyond offering clothing alone. The recent launch of their watch line caught the attention of fashion-forward people everywhere - and those watches have more than lived up to their expectations.

A Contemporary Twist on Classic Designs
If outlandish timepieces aren't your cup of tea, then you should consider Karen Millen watches. Each piece is based on a tried-and-true - and very classic - design. Yet these watches don't stop there, since several exciting embellishments and contemporary features are added into the mix. The result are watches that are fun to look at, exciting to wear and subtle enough to be used in virtually any situation. At turns elegant and sophisticated, Karen Millen watches are the icing on the cake of your carefully chosen outfit.

Exquisite Details Add Flair
Savvy and fashionable people know that the details often complete the look. In the case of Karen Millen watches, this is undoubtedly true. Where else can you find a classic watch with an animal print design, or a simple timepiece with a patent leather strap' Many Karen Millen watches boast oversize bracelets that strike an intriguing and compelling note; others feature glittering crystals that offer a hint at glamour. At first glance, many Karen Millen watches look rather plain; when you take a closer look, you're bound to be thrilled by what you see.

Affordable Luxury
Most people are surprised when they find out how much the typical Karen Millen watch costs, considering how finely crafted and gorgeous it is. One of the trademarks of Karen Millen is affordability, and that theme is carried over to their watches as well. You can buy a Karen Millen watch without feeling guilty about spending an inordinate amount of money.

An Ethical Designer
Karen Millen is adored the world over for many reasons; their insistence on ethical principles is one of the most compelling ones. None of Karen Millen's pieces are produced in sweatshops, so you never have to worry about inadvertently supporting one. The same holds true for Karen Millen watches, which are painstakingly crafted using the most impeccable principles.

Delightful Watches
At the end of the day, the most appealing thing about Karen Millen watches is simple: They look fantastic. If you want to slip a little piece of luxury onto your wrist, then you should definitely consider investing in a Karen Millen watch - you will be glad you did.

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