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J&T Windmills Logo
J&T Windmills Celebrates the Marriage of Tradition and Style
The J&T Windmills collection of timepieces is an unrivaled example of classic mechanical watches. Centuries of watch making expertise and high-quality materials go into the manufacture of each timepiece. Not surprisingly, these watches appeal to the fashion-conscious wearer who also understands the deeper meaning of mechanical masterpieces and is not afraid to celebrate this affinity by wearing it on the wrist.

The name J&T Windmills goes back to the 17th century and the father and son duo Joseph and Thomas Windmills. Clockmakers by trade, their intricate mechanical workings and incorporation of the balance spring garnered them worldwide renown. Not surprisingly, J&T Windmills pays homage to these early trailblazers in the watch making trade by naming its company after the highly gifted and celebrated craftsmen.

J&T Windmills does not seek to dazzle the marketplace with large quantities. Instead, the company relies on exquisite workmanship and intricate designs to woo the aficionado. These are heirloom quality timepieces that are designed to be worn and passed down through the generations. At this time, the collection encompasses lines featuring a pocket watch, five gents' silver wristwatches, two gents' gold wristwatches as well as two ladies' silver wristwatches.

Referring to the various lines as families, the J&T Windmills Company recognizes the Throgmorton, Threadneedle, Bartholomew and Milton Families. An example of the classic beauty that signifies these timepieces is the Bartholomew line. It consists of a single gents' watch crafted from 18 carat rose gold. The antique white dial is covered by sapphire glass.

An offset second hand provides visual aesthetics while an articulated brown leather strap reminds of the style and class that marked high fashions of yesteryear. Unassuming yet show-stopping because of its understated elegance, this distinctive watch immediately elevates the fashion sense of any gentleman who wears it.

Ladies enamoured with the style of J&T Windmills will do well to give the Throgmorton Family a good look. The dial heralds back to the times of Windmills' lantern clock faces; the sterling silver is gorgeously offset by the black leather strap. Sapphire glass frames in the time piece and the rakishly set crown invites a second look. Add to this the allure of the intricately crafted clock hands, and it is not surprising that this model finds a lot of appeal among sophisticated and style-savvy wearers.


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