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Zeppelin 100 Jahre Herrenchronograph in Silber 7680M-1

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Marke ZeppelinWecker JaAnalog/Digital AnalogGehäusetiefe ca. 13.00mmGehäusematerial EdelstahlGehäuseform rundGehäusebreite ca. 42.00mmChronograf JaVerschlusstyp VerschlussDatumsfunktion JaFarbe Zifferblatt champagnerfarbenGeschlecht HerrenGlas MineralStundenanzeige StabindexModellname 100 JahreUhrwerk QuartzFarbe Armband silberArmbandtyp MetallarmbandWasserfest 50 MeterEAN 4041338768060Garantie zwei Jahre


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Über uns Zeppelin

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Zeppelin Uhren verleihen dem anspruchsvollen Verbraucher die zeitlose Eleganz, Exklusivität und technische Raffinesse des Luftschifftransports näher. Der technologische Fortschritt mag den Zeppelin in Bezug auf Praktikabilität und Effizienz überholt haben, aber der Flug mit dem Zeppelin hat in der gesamten Luftfahrtgeschichte nichts von seiner Romantik verloren. Zeppelin Uhren haben die gleiche Symbiose aus Kultur, Geschichte, Kunst und Architektur wie das ikonische Flugzeug, mit industriellen Chic-Tönen für einen zeitgemäßen und unverwechselbaren Stil. Jede einzigartige Zeppelin-Uhr verfügt über eine eigene Modellnummer und Edition, die auf der Rückseite des Uhrengehäuses eingraviert ist und jede Uhr zu einem einzigartigen Unikat macht. Diese Kollektion stammt aus dem gleichen Familienunternehmen, das Junkers-Uhren herstellt, mit ähnlichem Luftfahrthintergrund und Schweizer Quarz-Engineering-Tradition.

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Mon 1st July 2019

For ease, I’ve written a review separated into headings so anyone can view the sections they want (brief conclusion at end).

Looks –
I’ve attached a photo so you can see what the watch looks like. The first thing I noticed when it arrived was the fact the dial isn’t as white as the photos suggest. Instead, there is a faint beige tinge to it which really suits the old-time style of the watch and looks stunning in the light. You’ll also find when staring at the watch that the very edges of the dial look ‘stretched’ under the glass casing; to understand what I mean, think of how the edges of a magnifying glass distorts objects (see photos). Although this sounds critical, it plays a great role in making the watch stand out and highlights the details of the dial well. I may have had the watch only a couple of weeks, yet it has managed to receive more compliments than the other timepieces in my collection.

The style matches that of many aviation watches and is modelled after instrument panels on Zeppelins. An aviator watch is a fine addition to any watch collection. What I like most about this model is its appeal to all ages (I’m a young adult) unlike some aviator watches which can look out of place on younger individuals.

Chronograph and dials –
The second hand is shown by the small dial on the right-hand side. Please not the large hand is NOT the second hand timer and will not move. It will remain stationary facing 12 until the chronograph is activated, in which case it will start moving to measure the seconds elapsed. It isn’t possible to keep the chronograph on permanently so don’t purchase the watch expecting the large hand to move. The time is easy to read, and the date is positioned perfectly that makes it extremely easy to see especially when worn on the left hand. The watch does not have luminescent hands but is easy to read in dark conditions due to the colour of the dial and design of the glass casing.

Case -
One detail about the watch you may not notice when looking online is that the glass casing sticks out considerably by 4mm. If you were to look at the case flat on the table with your eye on the same level, you won’t see a flat glass finish as with most watches but instead a raised glass. It makes the watch look considerably more expensive and adds to the zeppelin aviation type of style – it really does look fantastic. However, it will make the watch more prone to scratches and cracks if you aren’t too careful. I would have included a photo showing this but it shows up very poorly on camera.

Size –
An ideal watch size that is roughly the same size as many of the multi-function watches you see in watch shop windows (Citizen, Casio Edifice, etc.). If you only like smaller watches this may not be for you, although it is an ideal size that suits most men. The thickness of the case is also ideal. The only drawback is the raised glass which may look appealing but could be prone to scratches/cracks if you aren’t careful. This is definitely not a watch to wear if you are working in a job where you often knock your timepiece about.

Fit –
This for me is the biggest drawback of the watch. As someone with a fairly small wrist (16.8cm) the strap itself is actually too big even with all the links taken out. I’ve had to resort to placing a sticky pad underneath which makes the watch face protrude from the wrist quite a bit. It will fit any large wrist well; it’s just a shame Zeppelin has failed to accommodate smaller wrist sizes with this watch model. That being said, the watch looks stunning with leather straps so there’s always an option of swapping the strap out.

Strap –
The strap itself feels high quality, secure and very comfortable even on my bony arm. You’ll find the links at the bottom of the strap have a high-quality brushed metal effect and finish, with the Zeppelin logo on one and ZEPPELIN written on another. Zeppelin have done a great job in making the links add to the expensive-looking style of the watch. It is one of those straps that never comes fully apart (where you click two things into place) so it will stay on your wrist rather than falling straight off in the event the strap is loosened. I also noticed the strap feels much cooler on the wrist on a hot day than other metal watch straps in general, so you won’t have to worry about sweat building up and friction.

Weight –
A nice light watch that isn’t too heavy at all. I never notice it on my wrist when I’m wearing it. Weight is about 85 grams which is quite light for a chronograph watch with a high-quality metal strap.

Alarm ¬–
Set using the bottom dial and is more than loud enough. If you change the time of the watch you will have to also change the “reference time” which is the time the alarm is set under – failure to do so will mean the alarm will ring at a different time to that shown on the watch. This is explained in the instructions and is only a concern when adjusting the time, which should be rare since given the quartz movement.

Movement –
The movement is a quartz movement from Ronda who have proven to make reliable and robust watch movements. For those unaware with movements, the quartz means that you’ll rarely ever need to adjust the time. It also doesn’t require movement of the hand to power. There is a version of this watch available with automatic movement, but it costs approx. 1 grand more and looks identical – not worth it in my opinion. This is a somewhat expensive watch for a quartz model, but you’ll find that the price is reflected in the superior build quality and aesthetics. Battery will need to be replaced approx. every 2 years depending on how often you use the chronograph and alarm functions.

Chronograph –
For those interested in the chronograph, it can do basic timing functions, accumulated timing and intermediate or interval timing (instructions provided with watch). For those who don’t know what a chronograph is, it’s basically the stopwatch function of the watch. I don’t intend to ever use those features - they simply add to the aesthetics of the watch and are one of the reasons it looks so brilliant.

Wearability –
Suitable for casual use and formal use. Looks brilliant with a suit but also goes well even with shorts and t-shirt clothing.

Warranty –
2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. From my experience, Zeppelin make reliable watches.

Service –
Ordered the watch and it came two days later. Watchshop’s impressive returns policy is brilliant so you can return it if it isn’t to your liking (although given how impressive the watch is, I doubt that will be the case). I’ve ordered from this company four times now and they’ve been fantastic each time; the first watch I purchased from them seven years ago is still in fantastic shape and is ticking away great.

To conclude, the 100Jahre model is stunning and - as a watch aficionado - I truthfully believe this is one of the best-looking watches in the price range. It is a model I am certain to keep for life. Having worn it multiple times to formal events and with shorts in the recent summer weather, it is versatile and suitable for many occasions. The concerns are the large metal strap for small wrists (which can be fixed with changing the strap or with a pad underneath) and the protruding glass which could be prone to damage. Otherwise, the watch ticks (no pun intended) all the boxes and is already one of my favourite timepieces.

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Wed 14th December 2016

Bought this for my sons birthday. Lovely watch and the delivery and pick up was faultless.

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Mon 5th December 2016

Looking to add a watch with retro good looks to my collection, I came across this stunningly good looking watch and I knew from reading the specification that it was what I was looking for and ordered it on Black Friday 2016. I spent some time admiring it before I took it out of the box and although it appears to be a big watch, the size is well balanced to the average wrist and feels weighty but not over heavy. The design is perfect retro, the mechanism is top notch Swiss quality and the strap is beautifully made with no sharp edges to damage your shirt cuffs! I have been wearing this watch continuously since I collected it and it has kept perfect and I mean perfect time. It is a thing of beauty and a joy to own and Im sure that it will be in my collection for many years.

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Trusted Customer
Sat 3rd December 2016

I wanted a watch with a retro look and up-to-date movement - this seemed to have it all. The watch did not disappoint and looks amazing, is super accurate and I just love it! Delivered to my chosen collection point within 24 hours of ordering and dealt with in a very courteous manner.

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